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Which was worse??? Doughty's hit or Kadri's? What for Kadri?

April 13, 2018, 9:16 AM ET [240 Comments]
Only two nights into the playoffs and already...one suspension and another hearing. I understand the intensity ramps up in the playoffs, but players usually don't lose their heads so quickly...

Kadri is a disturber, but Doughty obviously has let Vegas get into his head...and it goes back to the regular season when early on Doughty said that Vegas wouldn't be nearly as good as the Kings by the end of the season...and Vegas pounded Doughty, legally, every chance they had. This is very much a Gallant led team..

Kadri's hit was also very pre-meditated and most are saying far worse...I don't see it that way...I actually felt Doughty's was at least as dirty and happened on the rush...I believe Doughty should have gotten 2 games and Kadri...a single game...


Kadri hit...

Doughty Hit

more to come...including RUMORS today...and the Rumor Chart! check back this afternoon....

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