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Source: Forsberg 90% Coming Back To The NHL. Also the Theo Fleury Sweeps...

September 26, 2009, 1:40 AM ET [ Comments]
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Nothing new on Jones yet.

Forsberg is coming back. I just got off the phone with a source in Sweden who told me that he is 90% returning to the NHL.

This source has been golden before when it comes to Foppa when I broke two big Forsberg stories in the past...(his signing with Philly and trade to Nashville)

My source said that the one week deal he signed with Modo was just a precaution that Peter and the teams with interest thought would be a good idea.

Peter has three teams that my source told me he would play for...

#1. Philadelphia
#2. Washington
#3. Chicago

There was a report out of Philly that the Flyers said they had no interest. Despite all the depth and Cap hell that it would create I was assured just a few weeks ago that if Peter is returning the Flyers indeed would take a long look. I think the Flyers have to be very careful right now as they try and make a few more moves to get in better cap shape. I don't doubt for a second that Ed Snider will make a call to Peter. There is even more to the Philly connection that I was given "off the record."

And that being said, I truly would not rule out Washington, Peter wants to win another Cup. This is one man who oozes competitiveness and also tends to place winning above all else. People forget that Peter chose Nashville the year they were flirting with the #1 spot in the West. Peter went there because he truly felt he could win a Cup on that team and it is very possible that he sees the same opening in Washingtion.

As for Chicago, Peter has always loved the city and on three occasions came close to playing in the windy city.

#1. When Peter signed in Philly after the lockout, Chicago was the only other team in serious consideration right up to the end (I heard the Hawks deal was maybe even a little better than the Flyers deal).

#2. When Philly put out the word they were trading Forsberg the Hawks made a very serious pitch, and Foppa considered it but the team wasn't a contender.

#3. Just prior to signing with Colorado again a few years back, the Hawks again were in on Foppa. Again, Peter chose Colorado because they were a playoff team.

Now, it is hard to argue that Chicago isn't among the best teams out there and Forsberg most definitely won't have to worry about that.


I don't think it is any secret that the Flames released Theo early in an effort to give him options. I for one am pulling for Fleury. He has worked too hard to not give it a shot elsewhere in the NHL. Theo has said that he will decide this weekend, basically this gives him a chance to hook up with a team or see what the interest level is.

There is interest I am told from Nashville (e3), Pittsburgh (e2), Atlanta (e2), Buffalo (e2), and Tampa (e2). One would have to think that the Islanders, Senators, and Panthers could jump in on this as well

I think Theo has shown that he can help a team in the NHL, just maybe not a team as deep as Calgary.



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