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Should the NYR/CHI make it over the BUF/ANA? News Imminent

May 19, 2020, 11:59 AM ET [117 Comments]
Things are heating up in the hockey world in a big, big way right now. Yesterday I was told by two teams that the NHL announcement was coming and to be prepared. Another source texted me minutes ago saying, "Today looks like the day my friend."

It may be today, may be tomorrow, but whenever the NHL announcement hits we will know what comes next and THAT is exciting for us hockey fans who are getting a little tired of watching vintage games.

Yesterday, I put out what I had been hearing regarding the plan, and then during the podcast I was texted the possibility that the Rangers and Hawks be inserted into the playoffs in place of the Sabres and the Ducks.

The reasoning here would be taking the top 12 teams to the playoffs. The Rangers finished with 11 more points than the Sabres. Chicago 5 points ahead of Anaheim. Clearly the Rangers and Hawks are the better teams.

The only reason not to would desire to keep the first rounds of the playoffs as purely divisional, but when you think about it, the normal system already allows for wildcard teams to play the other division winner.

I believe fully that this is the best option, but I want to hear your thoughts?

Also...last day to get in your entries for a players number that should be retired...post those into the blog comment from the weekend.


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