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Oilers/Sabres MAJOR trade rumblings, Flyers Eyeing PK Subban? Doan, Skinner

August 8, 2012, 1:38 PM ET [893 Comments]
We are going to start here today, but where we go from there....let's just say today has some interesting potential to say the least.

Skinner signs...

The Carolina Hurricanes have had a very positive off-season and today they inked Jeff Skinner to a 6 year deal solidifying the forward position even further following the additions of Jordan Staal and Alex Semin. The Canes are going to be a very fun team to watch in 12-13 and for several seasons to come... and they are still looking to add defensive help. Hearing Hannan as a good possibility.

Doan and Nashville..

I should have a shortcut key to type the following, "Remembering Shane Doan has shown he obviously wants to remain a Coyote and continues to give the organization every opportunity to do so..." however the Predators continue to be an interesting fit for Shane and as i have been saying all along, the Preds are among the teams he would play for.

When word came out a few weeks ago that Doan wanted the huge contract were he to leave Phoenix many were taken back by it. As much as Doan brings to the table, it was hard to see him as a $7 Million per player at this stage (or any stage) of his career. Also, I believe it painted Doan in a negative light to many...well it turns out that while the numbers and years were accurate they weren't "across the board" numbers...meaning it was more likely the numbers leaked were what Doan and his agent were seeking from one particular team, and that situationally Doan could take less to play in a place that fits his family and lifestyle...which would be the case with Nashville.

Although I never heard the contract demands from my sources, I am mad at myself for not realizing this was probably the case because this is the kind of leak that happens all the time. One team is talking to a player, can't get him because of whatever reason, and leaks their own scenario...It is rare this would be across the board.

Oilers and Sabres talk

As if to prove fences CAN be mended when new ownership takes the scene, there is talk today the Oilers and Sabres are discussing a MAJOR deal. Sources vary quite a bit on what is being discussed, but piecing it together it sounds like a "significant" defenseman going to Edmonton along with a solid prospect (or possibly even Enroth) for "young star top 6 center and a third line young player who many feel has top six potential." I hope to have more on this in the next day or so..

Flyers eyeing PK Subban?

Let me start by saying, as was the case with Weber, it is hard to imagine any offer sheet that would not be matched by Montreal which would land PK in Philly... That being said, the star D-man remains un-signed and I am starting to hear rumblings the two sides have had preliminary discussions regarding a trade. Subban is adored by the Flyers organization, and has had a turbulent path of sorts in Montreal. However, the Canadiens have way too much invested in Subban and his potential is way too great to not be looking for a VERY big return from Philly. The Habs, would likely want a D-man in return along with one of the Flyers top young forwards. Not saying it will happen, just saying the rumors are definitely out there.

more to come
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