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Karlsson....The Sharks are Circling...Seguin Extended. [email protected]

September 13, 2018, 11:18 AM ET [50 Comments]
The Dallas Stars have signed Seguin to an 8-year contract extension through 2026-27 at an AAV of $9.85 million.

Previews will be continuing today with Buffalo....

Thanks for all the great feedback yesterday on Boston...As I said before, I wanted to try something outside the box with these and tailor them towards what I know you all come here for...rumors and player movement...As I do more of them I believe you will start to see how these "Value Rankings" (need a better name) play into the path teams are taking....They are huge clues in this NHL puzzle.

Also, my intention is to get these previews out with a few per day. However, around here the most important job I have is to chase down rumors...so when Karlsson starts to heat up I always feel I owe it to all of you to focus on rumors...I know that is why you come here and I never take that for granted...

enough of that...Lets get to the rumors...

Karlsson rumors are indeed intensifying, however talking to people I get the sense that most of the people/chatter implying this is "really close to happening" is being driven once again by Ottawa's desire to force the hand of some of the teams with which they have discussed Karlsson... I know this all too well, because I too was told just last week that this would get done soon, and Kevin Allen of USA Today came on our podcast last week and said a few GMs felt it would be done in a few days as well....

The Sens want this done. They REALLY want this done...But as of this writing...the price is still crazy....one source confirmed it was four pieces...another said that the feeling is he's going to Tampa next year on a long term deal... so why would anyone else give up 4 parts for only a year of Karlsson?

You would have to believe you were a Karlsson away from a Stanley Cup....and one team does.
That team is the San Jose Sharks...Wilson has been trying to get something done for a while now and this morning I am hearing they are even looking into an extension...that only happens if the pieces are almost in place...So the Sharks are a legit possibility...One source told me in the last hour..."The Sharks are making a huge push. That is widely known."

They aren't alone of course..

The Canucks, Stars, Knights, Oilers, Bolts, and Islanders are all still "hanging around."

However, this is a game of chicken and as an NHL source added: "none of us are quite sure if Dorion has a point he gets serious and moves him for a little less to cut their losses."

I get a sense that if San Jose doesn't happen soon, the time of lowering the asking price will be upon us... this could be happening at any point today or over the next few days...so stay tuned.

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