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Behind the Scenes: What is the Take-Away from the Uber Tape?

November 7, 2018, 10:31 AM ET [79 Comments]
By now I am sure you have all seen it, and while I try to stay way from this kind of stuff, there is little doubt this particular situation is playing into how the Sens will progress moving forward and lends some insight into this team's psyche.....If you haven't see the tape just search Sens and Uber...

On the tape several Sens players, who were smart to be calling an Uber and not driving, were talking trash about the team and coaches while being driven home...

I don't see this as anything particularly odd at all. Who hasn't had a few and had a venting session about their boss and their job? I talked to some in Ottawa and to be frank they are kind of laughing at the whole thing...They get it and I am told this won't affect any player contracts moving forward...This is more fun for the media to poke at them they are feeling.

The only issue here really is the fact that it was taped...which is the real take-away for players I am talking to ALL over the NHL...the harsh reality that we all live with...We always have to be aware of the possibility we are being recorded...at all times...So when you vent about someone be careful...make sure you are doing so in your own controlled environment, AKA your own house!

It is no secret that players talk about coaches and coaches talk about players and everyone is always talking about everyone else...We all know the intensity has especially been ramped up in Ottawa and if anything else, I took from this whole debacle that the Senators players are closer than I thought and they are banding together...which is something that had been questioned a bit...

What do you think?

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