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Tavares: A Kern-al of Truth?

September 5, 2014, 11:48 PM ET [116 Comments]
Dee Karl
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First, I’d like to say that I have been an avid SiriusXM NHL Radio listener for years. It is the reason I pay for the service including the additional $3.00 a month to be able to web stream it. I know the network is based out of Canada and all of their commercials are for their Canadian listeners, but that has never deterred me from listening as often as possible. Even in those dreaded summer months when there is no original programming during drive-time, I would still listen… until I would change over to a comedy channel.

With the new season of original programming, including “Hockey This Morning,” as well as the lack of an office roommate now, I can listen all-day-long. And I have been.

So today during an encore of this morning’s show with Mike Ross and Mick Kern, my ears perked up when they began talking about the Islanders. I can usually continue to work while they banter, but this time, I had to actually stop and start jotting down notes.

While it all began with @NHLRossy talking about the Islanders move to Brooklyn after their plight with Nassau County and the Town of Hempstead, it ended with a statement that made my jaw drop. One criticism that I have regarding the segment was that if you didn’t come in at the proper moment, you were completely lost in the conversation for a good four minutes.

“It’s important to a city to have a pro team.” Rossy explained. And that importance is what teams will use as leverage to get their new shiny building. “It’s important, but…” But “Winnipeg didn’t fold up when they lost the Jets.” they admitted. No, they continued. They didn’t crumble. They didn’t’ disappear until a new team arrived.

But if you didn’t know where this conversation was going, you may have changed the station. “It will be curious to see the newness of an old franchise in a new building.” Rossy said of the building he only stood outside of. Ah, okay. Barclay’s talk. As everyone has been saying, the ultimate fate of the Islanders rests on whether the team is winning. If they do, the fans will come, if not -- the shiny new building will not be enough to draw a crowd. With John Tavares as the center piece of the Islanders, winning is a good possibility.

And then it happened. DING! The name John Tavares triggered something in Mick Kern‘s memory. Something that he heard from people in hockey ‘who would know’ that there are “…heavy whispers that Tavares isn’t happy at all.”


The Islanders Captain, the face of the franchise, isn’t happy with the franchise and how it is run? Blasphemy! Is this simply a continuation of the Canadian hockey media’s efforts to pry their gem from the grip of the Islanders? Or could this be true. COULD IT?

Certainly there is a lot for him to be unhappy with. Tavares is a super-star talent toiling on a team with one playoff appearance in his tenure. If they do not start improving their chances of winning a Stanley Cup, all the loyalty that John Tavares professes will evaporate. There is no way in hell John Tavares will be okay with not having his name on the Stanley Cup.

Mike Ross managed to change the subject with one sentence. “Stamkos is in the same situation.” Did I care? NO. So they’ll both “bolt.” Ha ha.

Of course, I had to hit up twitter:

Dee Karl ‏@7thWoman · 12h
Interesting that @NHLRossy & @expomick chatted about Tavares today. I needed something to blog about later today anyway

Mick Kern ‏@expomick · 10h
@7thWoman @NHLRossy May he always be an Islander.

But that wasn’t the only seed planted today. Before I left work, an article on Fortune.com http://fortune.com/2014/09/05/exclusive-charles-wangs-other-deal-to-sell-the-ny-islanders/ regarding Charles Wang and the possibility there was yet another deal to sell the Isles to a group out of Boston.

Whoa, wait a minute. So the team that Nassau County didn’t want had THREE suitors? Really? However, the article was not there to discuss the value of the Islanders, but to present the discussion that Charles Wang wasn’t negotiating in good faith without any of his suitors, the validity of Barroway’s claims and whether the NHL had any part in all this.

Oh, the dirty dealings of big Corporations. I am shocked.

In today’s Newsday, Commissioner Gary Bettman is reported as saying he could not comment on the sale of the Islanders other than saying that he “likes” Jon Ledecky and Scott Malkin. Questions have always swirled about how other owners felt about Charles Wang. The potential buyers will have to pass the approval of the Board of Governors. And of course -- the scrutiny of the media and the fans.
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