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The Hockey Buzz Mock Draft continues, Ana-Fla trade and Panthers selection

June 15, 2019, 10:46 AM ET [59 Comments]
Jan Levine
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The second annual Hockey Buzz Mock Draft continues. Jack Hughes went first to New Jersey, Kappo Kakko was selected by the Rangers and Bowen Byram landed with Chicago. Following a trade with Colorado, Buffalo selected Alex Turcotte while Los Angeles tabbed Cole Caufield and Detroit’s went with Vasili Podkolzin. Colorado traded the 7th pick to New York, who picked Trevor Zegras while Edmonton's selected Dylan Cozens. Anaheim is now up.

Overall Rules and Process:

After the pick or trade is made, a poll will be posted to rate the selection or deal. If the majority of people like the pick or trade, that selection stands and it moves on to the next team’s picks. If not, the majority rules and that’s what happens with that team and pick. I have the last right of refusal to keep everything on the up and up and avoid ballot box stuffing. My request to you is that you take this serious and not make a mockery of the mock draft, because that would be an insult to the others who are participating and makes the whole process a sham. But by playing this out, we get to have healthy debate and conversation to remain engaged up and possibly beyond the draft. If teams make deals and they occur before a team’s selection is due, that deal will play a part as to when each person’s selection occurs.

Here how this is working: each evening (for now, one pick per day, but we will go to two when we get to second half of the mock draft and possibly even before that, so that we complete on time) the team’s selector emails me their pick and rationale for that selection to [email protected] If making a trade, the same applies, and all the selectors have been listed below along with their screen name if from this site or their twitter handle if external to help facilitate making trades. I am posting that pick and rationale on the site and create a voting poll. For now, we are using just a yes or no vote for the poll, but if people want me to list other options for the selection at that pick number in cases of a no vote, I am happy to do so, to help make it more robust.

Anaheim deals the 9th pick to Florida in the trade below and the Panthers select Kirby Dach

Hampus Lindholm, 9th pick, 29th pick and the 101st pick


Aaron Ekblad, Serron Noel and the 13th pick

Rationale for the trade from the Anaheim side:
Ekblad is a marquee defenseman who at 23, can help anchor the Anaheim defense through the next decade. Lindholm is a solid defenseman but his minutes and production will be replaced by the addition of Ekblad.

At 13 there is still solid talent to pick from and I still feel that some players may slip down the board.

Noel is a project but his size and goal scoring prowess will fit in nicely with Anaheim's other young talent like Sam Steel and Troy Terry.

Rationale for the trade from the Florida side:
The rationale for Florida is that they get a cheaper better two-way defenseman in Lindholm for Ekblad, jump up in the draft a few spots to potentially grab a top center and add an additional 1st round pick and a later pick as a sweetener.

Anaheim trades Hampus Lindholm, 9th, 29th and 101st pick to Florida for Aaron Ekblad, Serron Noel and the 13th pick
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Rationale for the selection:

Florida loves Dach’s size and believe he could be another Anze Kopitar.

Dach was actually 3rd best prospect on their board in the draft and are thrilled to have the opportunity to trade up to 9th overall to grab him; they cant believe he's still there.

Florida selects Kirby Dach
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Vancouver, represented by Carol Schram, is on the clock.


1. New Jersey Devils - redmonsters, Kevin Barrett - Jack Hughes
2. New York Rangers - Jan Levine, Kappo Kakko
3. Chicago Blackhawks - kevin6, Kevin Braeunle, Bowen Byram
4. Colorado Avalanche (from Ottawa Senators) - optimus-reim, Luke Herrington, traded pick to Buffalo, who selected Alex Turcotte
5. Los Angeles Kings - slimtj, TJ Reilly, Cole Caufield
6. Detroit Red Wings - Feds91Stammer, Vasili Podkolzin
7. Buffalo Sabres - lonsabres, Paul Schott, traded to Colorado, optimus-reim to pick, traded to New York, who selects Trevor Zegras
8. Edmonton Oilers - Reveen, Curtis Lavoie select Dylan Cozens
9. Anaheim Ducks - climbdenali12, Ryan Armstrong, pick traded to Florida and the Panthers select Kirby Dach
10. Vancouver Canucks - Carol Schram, Canucks blogger on the site
11. Philadelphia Flyers - Flyerfan328, Philip Brunner and Streit2ThePoint, Ryan Snyder
12. Minnesota Wild - MaximumBone, Silas Bengtsson
13. Florida Panthers - jimbo, Jimmy Reilly, traded pick to Anaheim.
14. Arizona Coyotes - jediman, Brendan Smith
15. Montreal Canadiens - Karine Hains, Canadiens blogger on the website
16. Colorado Avalanche - optimus-reim, Luke Herrington
17. Vegas Golden Knights - Jeff Paul, Vegas blogger for Hockey Buzz
18. Dallas Stars - Panarin27, Mark Choate
19. Ottawa Senators (from Columbus Blue Jackets) - Trevor Shackles, Ottawa blogger on the site
20. New York Rangers (from Winnipeg Jets) - Jan Levine
21. Pittsburgh Penguins - Datools55, Julien Michel
22. Los Angeles Kings (from Toronto Maple Leafs) - slimtj, TJ Reilly
23. New York Islanders - eichiefs9
24. Nashville Predators - Russ Cohen, sportsology
25. Washington Capitals - nyrangers9479
26. Calgary Flames - beandip, Andrew Horenbein
27. Tampa Bay Lightning - Panarin27, Mark Choate
28. Carolina Hurricanes - Bingo, Chris Cote
29. Buffalo Sabres [or Anaheim Ducks] (from San Jose Sharks) - lonsabres, Paul Schott
30. Boston, covered by Anthony Travalgia, HB Bruins blogger
31. St. Louis, the pick is owned by Buffalo, pick to be made by lonsabres, Paul Schott

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