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Rumor Update:Panarin, Gardiner, Myers, Bob, Lehner, Duchene

May 15, 2019, 12:23 PM ET [71 Comments]
Updated Today on the Rumor Chart: Panarin, Gardiner, Myers, Bobrovsky, Lehner, and Duchene. CLICK HERE

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And Away We Go...
Source quotes in italics...

Note: I will have ANOTHER Rumor Update for you this evening prior to the Sharks vs. Blues.

On Panarin...
"The assumption of Panarin to Florida is now officially no more. Hearing he is weighing out many options and weighing in with more than just location."

Currently, I would say there is roughly a 50% chance Artemi ends up with either the Islanders or the Rangers. Take this next thing with a grain of salt, but I keep hearing stuff like Lamoriello has some key Russians campaigning behind the scenes for him and the Islanders...Remember Lou is very tight with Fetisov and Kovolchuk...The Rangers will likely be dependent on Erik Karlsson and Zuccarello....Also, there is a Also, a new player in this may indeed be the Vancouver Canucks...

On Tyler Myers...
"Chevy is really torn on this one, but at the end of the day it looks like the price tag is too high and the consensus on whether or not Myers is worth that cost is leaning towards Myers going elsewhere..."

This could always change, but right now, Myers consistency + So many players to get done = No Myers in Winnipeg...Florida is fast becoming a factor I am told, but they are joining an already crazy crowded group including: Toronto, NYI, Montreal, Anaheim and maybe others.

On Jake Gardiner...
"No shortage of suitors, plenty of teams more than happy to talk. Expect Gardiner to have quite the North American tour during the one week of allowed talking prior to July 1."

Montreal and Chicago are leading the way and wouldn't Leafs fans enjoy Jake in Montreal. The Islanders are great defensively, but could use more offense as Trotz really wants his D more involved in the play...Colorado is another possibility. A return to Toronto looks highly improbable...I put it around 10%

On Matt Duchene...
"It will really matter what Columbus can do ahead of July 1 to Matt Duchene."

Duchene really enjoyed his time in Columbus. Way more than he expected, but the goalie situation and the Panarin situation will both be on Matt's radar. As much as he liked Columbus everyone gets the sense Matt wants to play for a team that is more of a sure thing for the playoffs...Tough to predict for sure, but remember he said he wanted out of Colorado because he wanted to win. He ended up in Ottawa right before the bottom fell out there...Columbus is a young team with a great D, but losing Panarin and Bob raises uncertainty...And there are other teams who really like Duchene... One of those teams is Nashville. The Preds will do some serious revamping of their forward group I am told.

On Lehner and Bobrovsky....
"Lehner's stock couldn't be higher and yet Lou may want to upgrade."

It is possible that we see a trade which would swap the rights of these two... Columbus might be willing to go 3 years on Lehner because they really like their goalie prospects...But getting Lehner into Columbus could help with guys like Duchene, Dzingel, etc...

More coming on ...Eberle, Lee, Nelson, Skinner, and more..

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