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VERSUS Themselves

June 14, 2007, 8:28 PM ET [ Comments]

In another comedy of errors, VS screws up NHL awards show, and now will be shown on tape delay at 11pm (with updated info on the cause)

B.D. Gallof

Author's note: The following is either satire, hockey prognostication or just errant observations...anything factual or actually insightful is unintended

I picture in my mind, as I stare at Kickboxing on my TV...Gary Bettman's simpering grin, his tongue lolling out from his lips, giving empty words to another of his fiasco's due to the NHL's choice of TV carriers in the United States. VERSUS screwed up the feed and the NHL Awards that was supposed to be shown live is now on tape delay to be shown at 11pm.

Another slap in the face to US fans...those few who actually desire to tune in and see accolades be given. To celebrate the sport they love one last time, that final trek of the 2006-2007 season.

Instead...I see two small men flailing about like the NHL on US soil.

Mistakes happen. Technical difficulties happen all the time. But this comedy of errors hits a nerve to most US hockey fans. Another brick in the wall of what keeps interested American fans from the sport of hockey.

Will Bettman laugh it off? Of course he will. He laughs away as Comcast offered 65 million last year and another 70 million this year, overpaying for what ESPN was offering half of. So Bettman merrily left ESPN and their 20 million viewers to languish in the ratings dumper.

VS already exercised their option for 2007-2008. NHL holds the rights for 2008-2009. Don't expect things to change, just try to laugh instead of crying.


Evidently, putting together a couple of seperate reports, here is what I surmise to be what transpired:

One of the CBC trucks overheats, causing CBC delays in the transmission to US outlets...or in this case, our drooling fool of an outlet...VS. VS freaks, having scheduled 7:30 through 9pm for that telecast, having a live boxing match promptly at 9pm. So, instead of running it delayed, they make an executive decision to move the whole thing to 11pm, when their precious boxing match is over. US NHL fans lose their minds, and yours truly makes a blog.

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