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Call to Action on DirecTV/Comcast, Olympic Look and an HBR Preview

February 17, 2010, 8:29 AM ET [ Comments]
Paul McCann
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Let’s talk about the ridiculous. DirecTV and Comcast continuing their conflict over the Versus channel. It is a conflict in which hockey fans are the losers. I can imagine the reasons why each is doing what they are doing. Comcast doesn’t like the fact that DirecTV exists. It prevents them from being the end-all be-all for cable television. DirecTV doesn’t want to pay more for a fledgling sports channel that seems to be having trouble expanding beyond the NHL, MMA and occasional college sports. I get it...

I think the thing that bothers me the most about this whole silly situation is the fact that Comcast whined and cried and litigated for over three years about the NFL Network and their heavy handed tactics to force Comcast to pay up. Hmmm… sound familiar??? Comcast learned its lesson well and is now demonstrating the ultimate in hypocrisy by doing to DirecTV what the NFL did to them.

As a hockey fan, who is used to being dogged, denigrated and disrespected it is very frustrating.

As a hockey fan I say to hell with both of you. It’s time for a call to action…

I make this commitment right now. If this stupid conflict is not resolved by March 31st… on April 1st I will take the following actions and it will not be an April Fools joke…

> I will cancel my DirecTV service. I have been a loyal DirecTV customer for over 12 years, since before the USSB/DirecTV merger. I will regretfully do this as their service has been great and I have been very happy with the relationship during that time. I have been patient during this dispute and I have not asked for nor received any compensation for the lack of availability of Versus, but the prospect of not being able to see rounds of the NHL playoffs is a deal breaker for me. I cannot fathom not being able to see games in the conference championship or the finals.

> I will NOT sign on with Comcast. I refuse to allow Comcast to benefit from holding me hostage for the regular season. I refuse to reward Comcast for doing the same thing to DirecTV that they themselves whined about when the NFL pulled it on them.

> I will sign on with a service that carries Versus, even though it will indirectly serve Comcast’s interests. I will chose from Dish Network, FiOS, At&t U-verse or whatever else is available in my neighborhood… as long as the content provider is not directly associated with Comcast, they will get my business.

> I will contact my congressmen, both of my state senators and the FCC. I will register my opposition to Comcast’s proposed merger with NBC Universal. Comcast, as a cable TV provider will then control even more content. You like what their pulling here? Wait till they do the same thing, only using USA Network, or even the content currently on NBC. Gee, what if they pull the same stunt they are doing right now before the 2012 Summer Olympics? Or the 2014 Winter Games? Or to a Super Bowl?? This company has proven that they believe this is a good way to do business and it is not beyond comprehension that they will do it again.

Look… I know that business is business… I know that losing me as a subscriber will mean almost nothing to DirecTV, just as my refusal to move to Comcast will mean little or nothing to that giant company that holds a monopoly in many markets on cable TV.

If you are a DirecTV subscriber, there is strength in numbers. Call them (1-800-347-3288) and tell them to settle this silly turf war or risk losing you as a subscriber. Then call Comcast (1-800-266-2278) tell them you will not be bringing them your business and that you are calling your elected representatives to oppose their planned merger with NBC Universal. Then call your elected representatives (US Capitol Switchboard number is (202)224-3121) and the FCC (1-888-225-5322) and tell them to oppose the Comcast/NBC merger.

We do have a voice, the more of us do this, the better chance there is of making an impact.

Hockey fans… be heard!!


The first day of the men’s hockey competition went just about as expected. The only surprise I saw was the 0-0 tie after the first period of the Canada-Norway game, Canada finally hit the gas in the second and ended up with a 8-0 blowout. The US team looked pretty good for a team that didn’t even practice before their first game. David Backes was an absolute beast in Team USA’s 3-1 win over a surprisingly solid Swiss team. Team Russia had no trouble getting started jumping out to a 4-0 lead before finally finishing with an 8-2 win over Latvia.

All three winners will be back in action on Thursday… Next up for Team USA is Norway at Noon (PST), Team Canada takes on Switzerland at 4:30 (PST), Russia plays Slovakia at 9pm (PST)

In the women’s tournament... Team USA rang up a team record 13 goals in yesterday’s shutout of Team Russia. Jenny Potter tallied her second consecutive hat trick. Next up for the Americans, who are 2-0 in the tournament so far, is Finland, they play Thursday at 2:30pm Vancouver time. Team Canada (1-0) is in action today against Sweden at 2:30pm (PST).


Preds in the Games

Ryan Suter – Had an assist on Ryan Malones PPG in the second and also took a roughing penalty in third.

Shea Weber - Chalked up an assist on Mike Richards goal and took the first penalty of the game as well.

Alexander Radulov - The Prodigal Pred played a very good game for Mother Russia, scoring their second goal. His game has certainly matured, even if his attitude towards contracts hasn’t.


We’ve got a great HockeyBuzz Radio for tonight, Peter Maher and Howard Berger will be joining us live from Vancouver to give us their take on the Olympics and the beginning of the Olympic hockey tournament. We’ll also be chatting with Lane Lambert, head coach of the Milwaukee Admirals to get his take on the baby Preds. That’s all tonight at 6pm Central on SportsRadio 560 WNSR. You can listen online at HockeyBuzz Radio's website.



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