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Two years at HockeyBuzz.com!

April 1, 2009, 1:31 PM ET [ Comments]
Sam Woo
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My 2 year anniversary on HockeyBuzz.com

Wow, it has been two years as the Devils blogger on this website. It has been an honor to serve all of the hockey fans on this website.

Right now, it seems like yesterday that I wrote my first blog about Claude Julien and firing heard around the hockey world. Now the Devils are slumping and what can we do to reverse the curse.

How did the Devils go from playing like champs to chumps in a matter of a couple weeks? The answer is: Burt the Dog.

I knew something was not right when Eklund posted a couple weeks ago that the Devils would be number one coming out of the Eastern Conference. I thought to myself: “Eklund picking the Devils to win the Eastern Conference?” Holy crap, this guy never has the Devils making the playoffs as long as I could remember. And he even said he will never count the Devils out…..AGAIN!

We all know that Burt the Dog has inside information because I have studied the videos. I have spoken to my associate about the tennis balls being used to make these predictions. Eklund has inside information when Burt tells him some scoop on the Devils based on these tennis balls. Apparently, these tennis balls are part of a conspiracy because it has been linked to Eklund’s rare “pro-Devils” prediction.

Roger Mussa and I had a talk with Burt the Dog last weekend. We convinced him that the Devils will not win the cup and will be ousted in the first round. After brainwashing Eklund’s dog, I can assure the Devils fans the curse is over and they will be back on track soon!

Bravo to the new Sean Avery

After watching Clarkson and Avery go at it the other night, I am impressed with Avery’s new style. He is subtle but effectively annoying. How great is that? Dropped one glove, but kept the other one on and he didn’t have to fight! Clarkson went for the bait and the great acting job Avery displayed was amazing. He really took one for the team. Avery got his team a power play without saying much. This is the new Sean Avery!

You’ve called me fat. Now you can follow me on Wii Fit Routine!

The hockey fans have spoken. I am going to start exercising and using my new Wii system to help me lose some weight. My friends love it and I plan to be a lean mean fighting machine before the playoffs. Follow my progress!

Wii Fit Routine

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