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Havlat & Khabibulin, Gaborik to LA (e4) The Spezza Rumor that won't happen

March 3, 2009, 1:11 PM ET [ Comments]
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Satan, Sim, Morrison and Perrin are all on waivers...

He can't play as of yet, he has been the best goalie by far in Chicago....

So why would the Hawks trade the Bulin Wall now?

I honestly don't know and I am truly baffled by the whole thing, but many people are saying that indeed he is in play, but there are only a few teams looking at goalies. If Bulin is traded look to Philly who reportedly came close earlier in the year.

That being said, talking to people in Philly, they all believe as I do that Marty Biron is going to be the guy. What Marty Biron showed last year in the playoffs was a true ability to raise his game to another level under pressure. That is the one thing about Biron that separates him from the ghost of Flyers playoff pasts...He truly can be a difference maker and has shown it recently.

Everyone expected Havlat to be signed by now. He will be among the most interesting players come the summer if he goes UFA July 1. I am hearing that quite a few teams, beginning yesterday afternoon, started kicking the tires on this.

At least one source believes it could happen...."There is a chance, for the right center that he is dealt...perhaps along with Cam Barker...." (blog foreshadowing)

Gaborik is getting some serious interest since coming back to Minnesota from his Vale Colorado conditioning/ rehab trip...

From a source, "Gaborik is appealing right now and drawing great interest in the last 24 hours..."

I am told the team that knows they can re-sign him will likely will put up something in the area of a #1 pick, a prospect, and a third liner. The team that I am hearing that is closest is definitely the LA Kings.

However a few teams on the playoff bubble willing to take him as a rental, mainly Nashville, Anaheim and Columbus, are also very much involved to this point.

The Blue Jackets are also right up there with Montreal and Calgary in the Jokinen sweeps.

Now for the Spezza rumor that won't happen...

Last night I heard there was some consideration that Spezza could be moved for Havlat plus another player and a #1. It will not happen right now, but it is an intriguing rumor to look at...

Also, I am hearing that the Oilers are considering a deal that would bring Kuba and Vermette to Edmonton...

The Penguins may be bring back Gary Roberts. Also hearing the Habs and the Sabres are considering Gary.

more to come....

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