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Vote for Tim Thomas! My Quest For Justice!

November 12, 2008, 10:47 AM ET [ Comments]
Last year, if you recall, I wrote a blog on January 10th entitled,

"Tim Thomas Deserves to Be On The All-Star Team"

It went something like this...

Of the top five goalies in save percentage, only 1 is from the East. Tim Thomas. And Tim is leading the entire NHL with a .932 Save Percentage.

He was left off of the All-Star ballot despite the fact that every other goalie who played his minutes last year was there...It was supposed to be Manny's team this year, but let's face it, the 07-08 Bruins are where they are right now largely because of Tim. He has been nothing short of outstanding again, and yet I have heard VERY little buzz regarding him possibly being one of the three Eastern Conference All-Stars.

And I don't get it. Thomas was overlooked for the US Olympic team last time around as well despite great play. This guy is a late bloomer and a true feel good hockey story.

I realize the perception of Tim is that of a back-up. Some people equate him to a great pinch hitter. But numbers are numbers. Pinch hitting or NOT if Thomas is not one of the three goalies announced on Thursday for the East something is very wrong.

There is one reason these Bruins are in the playoffs as of now. TT.

Many of the comments ripped me that day, but as it turned out Thomas actually did end up playing in Atlanta a few weeks later for the Eastern All-Stars and made perhaps the most fantastic save in an All-Star game to date.

Last season's performance including a phenomenal playoff performance that almost pulled off a miracle series victory in an improbable game 7 should have cemented Tim at least a spot on the All-Star Ballot, and yet.....nothing.

It baffles my mind that Thomas is NOT on the ballot. The arguments are being made that the ballot is a marketing tool put together for the fans to vote on their perennial favorites.

If you use that argument, Tim Thomas is money. He is the epitome of what makes this game great. He is unorthodox, exciting, passionate, has gained his place against all odds, and truly may be one of the nicest players in all of sports.

Were you to sit down and have dinner with Thomas, as I was fortunate enough to do following the All-Star game in Atlanta, you would be amazed by the quiet, funny, soft-spoken nature of this guy. I jokingly thought to myself that if other friends were to join me and didn't know any better, and I told them that this guy named Tim sitting with us was an All-Star NHL goalie they NEVER would have bought it. NEVER.

But getting beyond his great nature, how about having the stats to back this up? How about, over the last two seasons he leads the NHL in save percentage?

So I am hereby starting the campaign right here and now:

We need to write in Thomas' name here in record numbers starting today. Let's not even make this one close. VOTE HERE

After you vote, reply in the the comment thread here that you voted. At the end of today I will give away five hockeybuzz.com season tickets at random to five people who voted for Tim. If you have a season ticket, I will extend yours for a year. A Season Ticket to Hockeybuzz gets you a ton of benefits including NO MORE AUTPLAY VIDEO ADS. Well worth the $20 for a year.

You can buy a Season Ticket Here.

Shanahan Update...

Today looks to be the day. I am told to expect something by the 3pm hour. Coming down to NJ and Philly I am told, however there may have been a late entry in the last hour...


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