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Parody Overtakes Panic

November 2, 2023, 3:54 PM ET [593 Comments]
Brad Lohr
Buffalo Sabres Blogger • RSSArchiveCONTACT
Ok, you all know that I can be a little goofy. Perhaps I still have a little Halloween in my blood, and I am feeling a little Ren and Stimpy. I love this team so much and I read the comments through the thread. I care just like all of you. I want us to win the cup. Everything that we write about is a common goal for us all. We want the satisfaction of our allegiance to one of the best kept secrets in all of pro sports. We live in a city that in the modern day wouldn’t have enough population to procure the teams that we have. Deal with it, world, we have two, and we are not going to let them go. We have one of the most passionate fan bases backed with big city heart. I will get to our beloved Sabres, but I am just in one of those moods. As the hail falls and we are transitioning into our shoveling days, I want to let all of you know how proud I am to be a part of this “mafia” that we have stamped our identity as. We deserve it, and one day glory will come. We will exhale, we will hug each other, we will cry in happiness, we will be champions. Sometimes I have to go off script because it does matter to some of the readers. Regurgitating the many sources of information is necessary at times, but as a whole doesn’t serve me, and to be honest, it isn’t that entertaining. I try to cultivate an outlet with a creative perspective. I am one of you. This hockey team from its inception has been one of the most unique stories in NHL history. From our jerseys to the loyal fans in the region, we are like very few. We have international love, we sing the Canadian national anthem as well as ours. If you ask a Buffalonian dedicated to the blue and gold to recite both, there is a good chance that they can. From the Bavarian themed Aud Club to your seats, your parents made you take off your hat and stand, or you were in big trouble. We were taught respect for our boarder country, as well as ours. Patriotism for all was ingrained through tradition. From the north this sport was given to us, and as a community we embraced it from the spin of a wheel till now. Hunker down and break out the salt to melt the ice, we are all brothers.

Game 11
Buffalo Sabres, 5-5-0, vs. Philadelphia Flyers, 4-5-1
Friday, November 3, 2023 @ 7:00 pm – KeyBank Center

It has been two games since I last posted and they have both been victories. There have been so many positive things that have happened. They shut out one of the leagues’ best teams and held them to a low shot total regardless of numerous power play opportunities. Then they went on the road to play a squad in rebuilding mode, mustered only 15 shots to the opponents 40, but still hung in there regardless of some sloppy play. Winning games they are supposed to, and being on correct side of the record column is what is expected to happen. We seem to finally be on track. Our star players are producing on a consistent basis and the defensive system is coming together. Blocking shots, getting the puck out of the zone, a better transition game. We were panicking a little from the slow start, but the parody on any given night is starting to shine through. Messages of consistency and camaraderie do apparently matter. Many teams have struggles. Granato has infused multiple line combinations, and has tinkered with bringing guys in and sitting others. I know we can get off track when losses pile up, but Granato is one of the most sincere, intelligent coaches we have ever had. It is going to be a tough November, but I feel things are starting to gel. Take it to the Flyers on Friday and buck up for Toronto. Thanks for giving us some hope, keep earning our respect. Back to the Ren and Stimpy reference… We are 500 people!! Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Notes from my neighbors shed…

UPL, or Ukko-Pekka Luukonen, or Ookie Pookie Loukie, or whatever flows off of the tongue, has proven himself to be ready for the task. Three starts and three wins. His unconventional style and inconsistency has made me nervous but it is obvious that he cares, and his surrounding cast are helping him anyway they can. It is a good sign, and if he can fill the role, we are way better for it. I know I have flip flopped regarding his value to this team, but if he continues to improve, we just might have what we’ve been looking for. I was quick to jump off the ledge in my last blog and I apologize to the 6’5” Finn. Keep it up when you are called on big boy. The more success you have will benefit us immensely. Get a little scrappy the more confidence you get. Thanks for your efforts.

Shout out to Brandon Biro and his two-goal effort. Once again, our cupboards are full of talent. The kid is obviously a gamer and seizing the moment. A lot of options at managements disposal when you are winning games. Keep coaching Donnie, don’t take a moment off. Your messages are working but please keep them fresh.

We truly have two stud defensemen logging top minutes and making a difference. Picking first overall and having these guys locked up just might get us there. I want to enjoy the ride with you all. Fingers crossed. Let’s go Buffalo.

Thanks –

Brad Lohr

Aka: Lumberhacks
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