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Wings shut out in forgettable contest vs. Isles

January 28, 2023, 4:54 AM ET [23 Comments]
Jeremy Laura
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I’ve hinted at some “bad” news in regards to sports revenues, streaming, etc. on July 27, 2022 Statista.com posted the following on NHL operating revenue by team. You may have to “open the rest of the link”, but you can see clearly at the top that Montreal had the fewest fiscal losses posting a negative 18 million in operating revenue, with Nashville at the bottom posting a negative 56 million. I expect next year that AZ will post at the bottom with the current stadium situation.

In 2021 CBS posted that the NHL borrowed 1 Billion. This one sort of slipped under the radar. The interest and even the firm aren’t named but it’s said that each team would have access to 30 million to help with bills. Combine borrowing 30 million with a season net loss of 56 m and some news about streaming services coming down the pipe and things are way past interesting. A brand new announcement of a cap increase makes little sense but comes right before the All Star game. The CCI (consumer confidence index) may have needed a jolt, even if the raise is revised again.

Game Summary:

For the sake of full disclosure, I had to listen to the broadcast. Because of where I live in Oakland County, to catch every game I have to subscribe to one of the top tiers of DirecTV, subscribe to ESPN plus and pay $14 per month to Bally, plus pay for internet. When Bettman walked away from NBC and chopped the games up into so many pieces I had no idea how bad that would actually be.

Essentially, Detroit had one period where they were well ahead on the shot clock. However, after the period of the 80s where Edmonton and the Islanders just owned the cup, games against NYI are typically fairly boring. They’re solid defensively and one of the only teams that could miss the post season with a positive differential.

Detroit now has until February 7th to get themselves sorted as Larkin goes and tries to win a car or some extra money and everyone else lies on a beach if they can get to it. I had one NHL family tell me that one year Jamaica was almost overtaken by the ice warriors who just wanted to enjoy some sun and let the bruises heal.

Walking away from a game without a single goal highlight to post is never a good feeling. It was simply a reassurance that not having access to all of USA, TNT, ESPN, Bally Sports Detroit and ESPN + didn’t necessarily feel like I was missing out on anything. My hope of hopes is that the NHL goes back to the drawing board. The NHL network doesn’t even show up on my TV menu any more. Commentators have moved on to other places and if you read the articles up above, the money isn’t rolling quite as well as everyone had hoped.

There’s a small part of my subconscious mind that doesn’t mind another loss. This team is nowhere near ready to go “all in” to try and move the needle. Yzerman obviously knows that. The final part of the season will see where the Bruins end up, if California exports several players, and eventually who will wind up with a high draft pick. Again, even if you get the best of the best it doesn’t guarantee immediate success. I look at the road ahead for Toronto with Matthews and Nylander and a potential stagnant cap. The look of disgust on McDavid’s face on post season exits is hard to see. TB is going to start to feel the pinch of the cap a bit more, and Colorado just feels stacked. All that said, I’m hoping the deadline is exciting.

Where do you find yourself at the All Star Break? Optimistic that things are heading the right way? Do you feel like next year will show a significant step forward? And, if you could alter the viewing formats how would you try and maximize profit and viewership on the sport? What I hear from people is just media burnout. Being stuck inside for up to 2 years and a little less $ to spend on entertainment has people around me just altering their priorities. Hopefully, we can find a way to make it come back together for the best.

First Period Detroit goals:

No First Period goals
Shots: 8-5 NYI
Score: 0-0

Second Period Detroit goals:

No Detroit goals
Isles finally break through at 4:44. 1-0
Shots: 19-18 DET
Score: 1-0 NYI

Third Period Detroit goals:
No Detroit goals
Shots: 29-23
Score: 2-0 NYI
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