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Goodbye For Now

August 30, 2019, 1:45 AM ET [1 Comments]
Trevor Shackles
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I’m just going to get right into it: today will be my last day here at Hockeybuzz. I don’t want to leave, but unfortunately that is where life is taking me right now. I am heading into an 11-month post-graduate program at my University, and because of how intense the program is, I won’t have enough time to write as often as I would like. It wouldn’t be fair to the readers if I was only able to write once or twice per week, and you deserve better than that.

Once I have graduated by the end of next July, I’m hoping to continue writing about the Senators somewhere online, although which website is to be determined. I still love writing about the team and interacting with fans online, so it’s not as if I wanted to make this decision. However, school is more important, and I need to focus on that as much as I can for the next year.

I was only at Hockeybuzz for about a year and a quarter (since May 2018), but it was a different experience and I’m very glad I made the jump. I’ll always be grateful for Eklund giving me a shot here and for former Hockeybuzz writer Travis Yost helping me with the transition. It was sometimes difficult having to write 4-5 times per week throughout this whole time, but it was a good challenge for myself, and it was nice being able to touch on everything that was going on with the Senators---because God knows there were a lot of controversies.

I will always be appreciative of the readers on this website, even the ones who disagreed with me. It’s always nice having people on my side, but I was still able to have civil debates with people I disagreed with, and I fully respect everyone’s opinions. Sometimes it’s interesting getting different perspectives, and at least I know that fans that come to this site are passionate about the team. At the end of the day, most of the people commenting on my posts are Senators fans, and amongst them, we are all hoping for the same things, so even if there are disagreements, there is still one thing that unites us: our love for the Ottawa Senators. The past few years have been tough for sure, but I know that this fanbase is resilient. Furthermore, it’s the readers that keep this website alive, so I will always be grateful for everyone that has read my articles over the years.

I will continue to tweet about the Senators just as much as I have in the past, so coverage of them will stay the same there, plus Colin Cudmore and I will continue to co-host the Cost Per Pointcast throughout the season, so be sure to follow both of those accounts @ShackTS and @CPPointcast on Twitter. Who knows what the future will hold for me in regards to writing about the team in a year from now, but I’m sure I will be back in the game at some point.

I haven’t been told who the new Senators Hockeybuzz writer is, but I hope you all welcome this person with open arms as we all go through this rough experience of being a Senators fan. A huge thanks to everyone for making this a great time at Hockeybuzz, and I sincerely wish you all the best! Hopefully, this is not a goodbye forever, but just a goodbye for now.


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